Dreaming big with Pad Thai !

"It would easily take us another 1 hour if we continue our way now. Let us have food in the food court near office", I said to my husband as we were driving our way back home from work. It was 21:30 already and we could see huge traffic on our way. Heavy rains were already pouring adding to the traffic. "I am bored of the usual meals in the food court. Lets check the new restaurant Wonton that has opened near the foodcourt", my husband said. I agreed to his suggestion and we walked to Wonton. 
It was a new restaurant that had opened in the Hitec City area. Although it was earlier in Gachibowli we had never been there but had heard a lot about their food. At 21:30 this place was full but still had few tables vacant. We chose a pretty table near the window to keep an eye on the traffic while having food. The server came immediately to our table, greeted us and handed the menu card to place order. The restaurant had dim lights all around it and while it gave a romantic environment, my eyes fell on the Thai cuisine varieties they had in their menu. Most of the items listed there seemed quite interesting and I was keen to try out a few items. We inquired about some of the items to see whats the specialty and some to see the spice levels, we finally placed an order for the Pad Thai noodles. The server told us that Pad Thai was an exotic dish of Thailand cooked using glass noodles while being served with powdered peanut. The entire concept of glass noodles seemed quite interesting to me and we were curious to see what it is all about.
In just about 10 minutes, what came to our table was the most incredible noodles I had ever had in my life. It was neatly cooked and had its aroma all over. The quantity of the noodles was excellent for both of us. The taste of the Pad Thai glass noodles with powdered peanuts sprinkled over it was the most incredible noodles I had in my life. It just made me forget about the traffic jam or the heavy downpour that was on. We were soaking every moment we had while enjoying having Pad Thai noodles.
For both of us being foodies, this was quite an amazing experience we had at the Wonton. Being the curious couple, we had a great conversation with the server who explained us about the uniqueness of this cuisine and how exotic it is in Thailand. For the taste of the local residents, they had added some more Indian spices and made it more customized. However the server suggested that we must try the original authentic dish in Thailand. 
As much as we enjoyed the dinner that day, the server's words still stayed in my head. How cool will it be to enjoy this authentic dish in Thailand. How freaking awesome will it be to try this exotic Thai cuisine with the locals there. Since that day trying this exotic cuisine has been on my dream board and I am confident that I will make it one day there with my family and enjoy the moments there as much as we can.

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Grow with Horlicks Growthplus !

It was nearing lunch time on a rainy Sunday afternoon. My parents were here and we had planned to go out for lunch and then watch latest movie Sultan. We were waiting for this day since long as we wanted to spend time with parents and also wanted to relax on Sunday. Everything was going as we thought when suddenly my husband got an urgent office work to attend. Not wanting to cancel the plan, I decided to go with my parents ahead and my husband would catch up with us in the mall after his work completed. We booked Ola cabs and waited for the cab to come. All this because I couldn't drive my husband's Ford Fiesta sedan car. Honestly, nothing to do with the car. It is a very good car. However with my height being 5 feet, I had trouble driving the car.

Wish I had a better height. I would always wear wedges not because I loved wearing heels but because I did not want to appear like a short dwarf near my 6 ft 2 inches husband. I attributed this to my genes but there were many times when I would lose my confidence or feel inferior to other girls because I didn't have a good height.  

Although I know this is not in my control and I need to accept this, it always takes me back to thinking how important having a good height and weight plays in our daily life. How crucial it is to inculcate the importance of growth right from the early days. For kids these days it is even more important to highlight the importance of this. With the amount of adulterated food that is available these days in market , it is very important that we feed the right food to our children for proper growth. As a very simple example, I don't remember including nutritious foods like millet in my diet. Health mix powders like Sattu were not something I even recollect consuming. But kids these days are addicted to chips and wafers.  Several years back millet and hard work were what our grandparents had and that is why they are still strong even at 60. With the food that we consume these days, it is not common to hear about 20 and 30-year-olds suffering from diabetes and having attacks. A strong nutritious foundation is what is missing these days. Parents are more worried whether the kids are at the right height and weight. However if more awareness if given on the right nutrition for triggering this growth then it would be more helpful.

As parents when we bring kids into this world, it is our responsibility to ensure proper growth for them. Any short back there will affect not only us but them too. Consuming healthy and nutritious food like Horlicks Growth+ and allowing kids to stay active will ensure to have them in the right track for growth. It is time that we as parents understand the importance of this and change the future for our kids. This will not only boost their growth but also improve their confidence to ride the sedan of their life. 

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Ready to go with Datsun redi-GO!!

Until a very long time, having a car was considered a luxury. When Maruti Suzuki launched Maruti 800 couple of years ago, it became popular across several households. Being affordable its popularity increased and became one of the successful cars in the starting segment. I still remember my dad's old Maruti 800 car which served him faithfully. It had taken us to several places safely and had gone to several road-trips too. Until many years, Maruti 800 had no competition but realizing the potential and demand many additions like Alto, Nano, Kwid got added.

Now Nissan has joined the league with the recent launch of Datsun redi-GO. The team at Datsun refers to this car as the ideal choice for ‘ready-to-go’ generation. When I came across this car, I got curious and went on to look at what makes this car ideal for us.

This car has been designed specially for today's Indian generation who are always on the go. It brings together a unique combination of style and luxury with the best in Japanese technology at affordable prices!

As they have correctly put it across, it gives the youth the freedom and confidence to go on a fun trip to their destination.
"Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.."

In addition this car has some cool features which makes it the ideal car for our road-trips.
1) Many a times we have we come across narrow roads while driving to several urban places. With our existing sedan it becomes very difficult to drive there and taking U-turns is stressful as we need to take care to not hit somewhere. However with Datsun redi-GO, the compact size it will easily fit these narrow roads. No longer will taking U-Turns be stressful with this beauty. Also its sleek and sporty look gives it a stylish appeal. In addition to these exterior looks, driving with a feather light steering wheel would be super easy in crowded urban places.

2) For short folks like me, it is a stress to drive my sedan since I have to really strain my neck to look ahead of the steering wheel. Many a times, I have had to add extra cushion to the driving seat and sit on top of it so that it could add extra height for me which would be comfortable while driving. When I heard that Datsun redi-GO has heightened stances, I was really overjoyed. This will not only give you better view of the roads outside but is also a boon for short people like me from having the trouble to look ahead while driving. Another unique feature is the force absorbing bolster support in the seats which will make driving in urban roads a pleasure when on high speed cornering.
I would really love to test this feature while driving here in Hyderabad. The bolstering support in the seats would be something I would love to check on our next visit to Charminar during Ramzon so that we can be ready for our upcoming road trip.

3) One of the important sources of entertainment while on long drives is the audio system. With the options of having Radio, USB, MP3, Aux-in , it provides multiple options to hear pumping music and keep you entertained while driving.

All these features make me ready to go with Datsun redi-GO and I am waiting to test drive and check these unique features so that we are all set and ready to go with our own redi-GO!!

Wonderful Travel Memories

Travelling - one of the common interests that holds us together. You like to travel and click places. I like to travel and release stress. 
The first time we traveled together, you made me think I did not know how to travel. Carrying 5 big bags for 3 day travel seemed like relocation to you. From our travel fights to planning our next travel together, you converted me from a tourist to a traveler. You changed my views about travelling. You opened me to new avenues for travelling. You taught me so many new things about travelling. My idea and intention about travelling changed. 
We enjoyed our domestic travels which then expanded to national and then international travels. You explored the different cuisines and made me try new varieties. From five star hotels to bag packers room, we have seen it all. From flying in flights to sailing in ships we have been together. We trekked together, we snorkeled together- we got over each others fears. I slowly got rid of my fear of heights and you became confident with snorkeling. The best experience I still remember about snorkeling was the happiness on your face when you dived in the middle of Maya Bay with the colorful fishes. 
From shopping in Bangkok to fashion street in Mumbai, you came to know about what it means to shop. Accompanying me to never ending street side shopping in Jaipur to the huge malls in Singapore, you know what it means to shop with a girl now. Shopping - something that has now thought you to think of your loved ones and get something for them during your travels. It creates memories.
Photography one of your big passions in life. How you utilize all your time during travel and yet click so wonderful pics is something I still need to learn from you. The patience you have to perfect a shot till it happens, to taking multiple shots waiting for the right moment - that is the crazy amount of passion you have for your camera. From our first trip to Goa to our recent trip to Trichy, one thing is constant and that is your camera bag and the passion to explore new places in your area. Your enthusiasm for exploring new avenues, your passion to mystery, your company for all these wonderful travels - is all I ask to keep up with and never lose the charm. Thank you my supportive hubby for always being the best traveler I could ask for !

My scrapbook entry is below - https://memories.hdfclife.com/message/IkYCeH1OqZGqd5oxS8Y0DA== 

Memorable Trek

Few months back while having dinner with my husband, I was telling him,"I am fed up. I need a change.The monotony of this life is killing me.Let us go for a vacation".To which he hit upon an idea. He said,"How about going for a winter trek to Kedarkantha in Uttarakhand". While i did not get convinced with his idea, i decided to give it a try.

We booked our tickets and started with the preparations required to go for the trek. With our backpacks on in end of December, we reached Dehradun. From there we got into a bus Sankhri.  On reaching there, we stayed at Hotel Swargrohini Palace for the night before the trek.What a view from our room. We could already see mountain peaks covered with snow ahead of us. As night approached, we had to pile on layers to save ourselves from being frozen.

The next day morning, we all were given a briefing and introduced to our trek guide. With that we started the trek climbing one step at a time.  2 Hours went by and by now it was starting to get exhausting. We hit the snow patches soon, stopped to rest for 15-20 minutes and then continued with our trek. From there, we could see snow everywhere. The trek was getting more and more challenging with every step. Finally after 9 hours,at around 2 pm we reached Juda ka Talab camp site.The pond was covered by a thick frosty layer.We rested around the lake in the sun and had our lunch.

As it got colder in the evening we lit a bonfire .We had our dinner and we retired to the tents into our sleeping bags after a tiring day. 

At around 2 am we were awakened by our guide. He asked us to pack our bags and start climbing right away for the basecamp and we had to reach the summit before sunrise. It was pitch dark everywhere. So with flash lights on and trekking poles, we started climbing once again. Badly chilly winds, ear pains, reducing atmospheric pressure, reducing oxygen, tiredness from last day, we kept climbing. After about 2 hours of walking in deep snow and we reached the base camp.The view from the base camp was panoramic. We were all excited for the final push to the summit. As much as exciting and adventurous the journey was, it was very challenging both mentally and physically. I and my husband had to stop several times and motivate and push each other to finish the trek. We took a lot of pictures along the way. After 5 hours we finally stood atop conquering Mount Kedarkanta. It was surrounded by mountain peaks covered in snow. 

What a memorable feeling it was. For last 2 days, we were totally out of mobile coverage and no other distractions. I and my husband were together in this journey and our only goal was to have the strength to push through and finish the trek. I learnt many things from this trek like never to give up on the challenges that life throws but to keep pushing through them. In the journey of life we get distracted by so many things and we often quit. But if we keep pushing and focus on our goal we will be successful. 

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End the trend and share the load

Few weeks back I was invited to Anirudh's place for lunch on Sankranti. This is an important festival for them and since we were dating for a long time, his family had unofficially considered me part of their family. Every time I go to his house, I observe something weird. Now please do not get me wrong. Anirudh is a very nice guy. He has been very supportive and caring of me and my life choices. But his family has a very narrow minded views towards several things. Even in this generation, they observed gender inequality and some work were reserved to be done by guys and some work has to be done by the women of the house.

Now I have been brought in a very different way. I have always been taught to question things which do not convince me. But in their house if I begin questioning about blind beliefs and the purpose behind doing it, it is considered rude. It is considered arrogant. My parents had given me enough freedom and independence. But here his parents had too many restrictions on the dress, on timings, on topics to speak and the list goes on.

My parents had warned me before about his family. I really felt that our relationship was very strong than these petty things. But on the day of Sankranti what I observed really irritated me. They started seeing alliances for his elder brother Avinash. And what sort of a girl were they expecting - Post graduate, expert in cooking, skilled in taking care of house, ready to stay at home after wedding. Seriously why would someone want to stay at home after doing a post graduation. I began questioning them about their expectations. But they asked me remain silent. 

In their family, the sole purpose of the women of the house is to give birth to baby, be a housewife and take care of the house. Their mom has the done the same things and they expect their daughter-in-laws to also do the same thing. Does this make any sense in today's generation? I ask his mother and she asks me to follow the rules 

Though I shut my mouth, I could not shut my thoughts. When Avinash can be a graduate and work, why couldn't his wife do that? Why do they want a highly educated girl to waste her education by sitting at home after wedding? What exactly do you mean by skilled in taking care of house? Is this not your house too? Why cannot you make some contributions anywhere? Women are at par with men everywhere these days. Still you follow the trends of the 19th century and follow gender prejudices. What sort of an example are you setting for your family? What will your kids learn from you if you follow these illogical trends. If we women need our son and future daughter-in-law to thank us then teach the men to end the trend and share their load to embrace household duties however boring or uninteresting they are. 

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Learn to help ourselves

It was after 2 years that I went to my sisters place. Her son Karthik is now in 7th class and the last time I saw him he was a small kid. I was really excited to see my sister after so many years and was looking forward to meet her. 

The day arrived and I started to her place. The moment I reached her house, I was in a shock.  The whole house seemed in a mess. She opened the door with a smiling face but I could see the tiredness and exhaustion. As I came in and was talking to her, Karthik came to the room from inside. He was very reluctant to talk to me since he had not seen over many years. However he was ordering his mom to get his shirt for school ready. I was surprised my sister silently obeyed his orders. Then I saw his throw his old dress into the pile of laundry and rush out of the house. All this while my sister hardly spoke a word. 

I could not keep silent any longer. It was hardly an hour I came to her house and could see something wrong going on. When I spoke to her she mentioned that he was a kid and does not like to keep things clean. But the problem was she never taught him the right ways. Assuming that kid is small and will understand as he grows up is totally wrong. How will he understand when he has grown up seeing that. I asked my sister to slowly teach him to wash clothes or at-least put the clothes into the washing machine while she could attend other chores.However she herself did not want him to do that.

"Let him focus on studies. I do not want him to get involved in these things", were her words. By showering a lot of love on our children, we are closing their eyes from reality. Karthik has always seen his mom doing the dirty laundry and other household work. Has there been a single day his dad has done that? Never. How will he learn about equality and sharing the load if this is the example he has seen. 

My sister has to let go of the fact that he is a small kid. Class 7 kids are no more small. They are much smarter than us these days. He needs to be taught to respect others and see all genders equally. If this is the example in my own house, I am sure this is the case in many households.

So I urge all the ladies to let go of perfection and lets not blindly shower love. Lets learn to help ourselves to better our future self !

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.